Sunday, August 30, 2009

My own blog

Somewhere along the way, I realized that I victimize my coworkers by the water cooler by bestowing my idea of "interesting conceptual problems" on them. Usually this means that the problems have no real-world application or even relevance.

The blog allows my banter to be victimless. And, since I don't yet have readers, I suppose the subjects will be all over the place.

Maybe even somewhere along the line, I find that someone is willing to give me feedback other than "huh?"

Now about me....

I am an outspoken freethinker and atheist. I pull few punches when it comes to discussing subjects. Sometime in the future, I hope to learn to listen as well... When I find time for it, that is....

I am an active athlete in underwater rugby (coach and team captain) and an avid amateur on combatives. I have done some instructing on professional application of force as well as self defence and I am pretty good.

I have a best friend who is a hypnotherapy phenom. I love discussing mentalism, hypnosis, NLP and mind states.

I am a programmer in C#.NET. That's me for the moment. Not that I don't recognize Java, functional programming or dynamically typed languages. But I find that they expand on a tangent that I'm not "into" right now. Hopefully that will change when I get good with my current programming domain.

I am well into popular sciences.

Come to think of it, I sure hope this blog engine support tags so that I wont lose .NET readers due to my banter on hypnosis. Most blogs that I follow usually are all on the same theme.

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