Friday, February 26, 2010

Software Craftsman Yule Calender: 11th of December

Todays word is "Agile"

Let's start by saying that if you have a cross and rigid definition about how to be agile, then that is a red flag already there. Some corner stones exist, though.

Short cycles. Complete cycles. Reflecting the entirety of your business. From concept to deliverable. From "not done" to "done" or "not done and here's why..." . Not "half done" or "done, but...".

The business assets shall have a net increase. Liabilities shall not exceed the investment of the ongoing cycle.

Cross functional teams
The team shall have the competence, ability and means to produce. The need for predicted external involvement shall not be of a nature or quantity than what can be assigned the SCRUM master. This is mostly to remove impediments, not engage externals with detailist assignments.

Self managing teams
Specialized assets within the team should naturally gravitate towards the appropriate tasks that requires them, but not at the expense of the team members assuming a collective ownership to the entirety of the end product.

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