Friday, April 16, 2010

Software Craftsman Yule Calender: 15th of December

Todays word is "Lean"

We're paid to produce and maintain code, right? So, by producing code we are productive. And by maintaining the same code, we are even more productive.

Well, not really. Without manifesting any business value, this is at best a zero sum game.

Code has cost of ownership.

Code made on assumptions is a business risk.

Code of poor quality is a liability.

Code or poor quality that must be maintained is a design debt.

Ill conceived concepts confuse, distract and disrupt within an organization.

As coders, we need for our managers to understand the nature of the beast that is code so that they can make informed decision.

Developers often complain about management, but have you ever considered that they may just be on the wrong page of their finance text book? That such-and-such wasn't really an assett aquisition scenario, but rather a risk management scenario.

Lean is about identifying business value to facilitate focused effort. Lean is about amplifying learning, defer decisions, delivering early value and respond with minimal overhead.


  • Define and identify values.
  • Define, indentify and innovate value streams.
  • Promote value flow.
  • All activity should have an active stakeholder downstream. Pull based.
  • Refine the process.

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