Sunday, May 2, 2010

Software Craftsman Yule Calender: 16th of December:

Todays topic is "The gaffa tape programmer

I strive to hone my coding craft at any opportunity.
I don't see them to be at odds with any other priorities in the coding domain.

However, I do mash stuff together sometimes, what is otherwise known as "Gaffa tape programming".

I don't always strive for complete 100% coverage. I strive to identify pockets/domains within my code that warrant TDD. The more I can fit into those pockets, the better. The more I can compartmentalize the material, the better.

But when the building blocks are in place so that I from the offset can purposely express a end task in the suitable pseudo language that rise from existing components, I "mash" them together.

Yesterday, I noticed that the old comic book series "elf quest" was published on the net. ( as it no longer was going to be printed. You could browse the comic book online by clicking "next", "next" etc.

I made a web crawler to scrape it onto my hard drive. Three loops: one "do-while" and two "for-each". No tests.

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