Thursday, December 3, 2009

Software Craftsman Yule Calender: 3rd of December

"Enhance, do not replace"

In these agile times, there are a lot of concepts that is beneficial to absorb.
But it is not necessary to do so at the expense of past knowledge.
Concepts may appear contradictive at face value, but this only means that they can only be successfully combined within a seasoned decision maker.

It is important to not only know why something in the past was bad, but also why it was good.
Not only knowing a rule, but knowing when to challenge the rule.
To identify our craft is an ongoing process with driving forces in context of existing paradigms. Don't just see the bottom line without its context.
See the train of thought, learn from history and aim to enhance on the collective knowledge that is the craft that you are a part of.
Don't just swap one doctrine with the next.

Identify with each of the following, and allow the natural progression to the next.

"Following a plan"
What can we do if we can't follow a plan? How can then others rely on us?

"Not only following a plan, but also responding to change"
We relate to a dynamic world. Specifications are sometimes truth and sometimes assumptions.

"Not only responding to change, but also steadily adding value".
Why assume that your present knowledge wont change in the future or that it hasn't overlooked or de-emhpasized something in the past?

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