Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Software Craftsman Yule Calender: 8th of December

"Enhance, do not replace"
part 3

Building on the existing theme, another gem ensues from the Agile and Craftsman manifesto
While still recognizing the former, we value the latter more.

Thus far:

"Following a plan".
"Not only following a plan, but responding to change"
"Not only responding to change, but steadily adding value".

"Contract negotiations"
"Not only contract negotiations, but customer collaboration"
"Not only customer collaboration, but productive partnerships"


"Processes and tools"
Processes are important. They provide map and compass in a undefined terrain. You can contribute to a piece of the puzzle without an elaborate concern to every other part. You can interface others in a formal process and know both what is expected from you and what is expected by others.

"Not only processes and tools, but individuals and interactions"
Processes are means to an end.
Initially, a process surrounding a discipline is based on the experience of Yesterdays efforts and challenges. When you start taking ownership of the problem domain, you'll be able to relate to the customer base more directly and able to elicit knowledge and leverage opportunities that might not be available through the process. You'll become approachable from the customer POV.

"Not only individuals and interactions, but a community of professionals"
Eventually, you'll see that process and interaction are not opposites. You will need to define the process alongside the product as an integral part of it. It needs to evolve with the product. The optimum process support a community where actual knowledge, insight and competence within the community are naturally appropriately applied. A community that takes a solidary ownership to the totality of the end product.

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